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Law Offices of Benjamin N. Sternberg, A.P.C.
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“You are in excellent hands”

Benjamin Sternberg is an attorney that you can trust and know he will go the extra mile for you in your case. I can attest that you are in excellent hands with Mr. Sternberg.

Ben came by referral from a close friend and I could not be more thankful and grateful that we decided to go with his counsel. I had an extremely complicated and sensitive case, which was intermingled with my longstanding immigration status. Ben was knowledgeable and sensitive to this fact, which was very helpful.

I originally had a different attorney working for me and I had come to a crossroads where I was not sure I wanted to continue being advised by this other, first attorney. When Ben was recommended to me, I took a leap of faith after consulting with Ben, and switched to Ben even though my case was very far along in the legal process.

Writing this today, I can say with certainty that I made the correct decision in switching to Ben. He believed in me and in my case and I truly could feel he had my best interest at heart. His extensive knowledge, dedication, professionalism, hard work, and honest advise are the reasons I can write this today. To give Mr. Sternberg this review is indeed an honor for me and I hope I can help others to utilize his exceptional services. I want others to benefit from Ben’s services, and to feel the same hope and confidence as I did that he will deliver a positive outcome for you.

You will not regret using Ben as your attorney and you will appreciate his talent as well as how approachable and personable Ben is. Tell him everything and ask him anything, you will get great counsel. My only regret is that I did not hire Ben from the start!

Don’t wait, contact Ben today.

A very grateful and satisfied client,

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